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Office of Fossil Energy (DOE)
National Energy Technology Laboratory (DOE)
Energy Information Administration (DOE)
U.S. Geological Survey
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Office of Fossil Energy

Home Page
Coal and Natural Gas Power Systems
Gasification Technologies
Clean Coal Power Initiative
Fossil Energy R&D Project Database
DOE's Current Gasification Research
How Gasification Power Plants Work
Carbon Sequestration R&D Program
Natural Gas Imports and Exports
Electricity Imports and Exports

National Energy Technology Laboratory

Home Page
Office of Coal and Power Systems
CCPI & Clean Coal Demonstrations
Clean Coal Today Quarterly Newsletter
Carbon Sequestration
Tracking New Coal-Fired Powerplants (.pdf)
Clean Coal Technology Compendium
Gasification Reference Shelf
Gasification Publications/Reports

Energy Information Administration

EIA Home Page
Annual Energy Outlook - 2008
U.S. Coal Data

U.S. Coal Supply and Demand - 2007 Review

Annual Coal Report - 2007

U.S. Coal Supply and Demand - 2007
Coal News and Markets - Weekly

State Coal Profiles - Data through 2000

U. S. Coal Reserves - 1997 Update

World Coal Data

International Coal Production

International Coal Consumption

International Coal Prices

Coal Section - International Energy Outlook 2008

U.S. Electricity Data
Electric Power Monthly
Electric Power Annual - 2004
Electricity Generating Capacity (existing and planned)
State Electricity Profiles - 2003
Other EIA Electricity Publications
World Electricity Data
International Electricity Generation, 1980-2003
International Electricity Consumption, 1980-2003
International Electricity Prices and Fuel Costs
Coal Prices for Electricity - by Country from 1997 to 2005
Natural Gas Prices for Electricity - by Country from 1997 to 2005
Electricity Section - International Energy Outlook 2005
U.S. Natural Gas Data
Supply-Demand Summaries - Monthly, Annual, National, State-by-State
Natural Gas Prices
Resources and Reserves
Exploration and Production
World Natural Gas Data
International Natural Gas Production - 2003

International Natural Gas Consumption - 2003

International Natural Gas Prices
International Natural Gas Reserves and Resources - 2003
U.S. Geological Survey
USGS Home Page
Coal Resources Main Index

National Coal Resource Assessment

Coal on Federal Lands

Economic and Environmental Evaluation of Extractable Coal Resources

Coal Databases

World Coal Quality Inventory

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Home Page

Clear Skies Legislation

Office of Air and Radiation - Recent Actions

U.S. EPA Laws and Regulations
Coal-Fired Power Plant Enforcement Initiative
Emissions Data and Compliance Reports
Clean Air Act Enforcement

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